George Orwell

Big Brother speaks

Here are a few of Orwell's Newspeak terms coined in 1984 that are so relevant to what is happening today:

Crimethink: to even consider that the authorities could be wrong in any way.

Crimestop: to instictively change your thought processes whenever you are in danger of breaking the law of crimethink and never listening to views that expose the ruling cabal. This has been described as “protective stupidity”.

Thinkpol: the Thought Police who's role is to eliminate crimethink through spying, surveillance camera's, etc.

Blackwhite: to accept whatever the authorities say without question and, as Orwell put it: “...loyal willingness to say black is white when party [government] discipline demands this. It also means the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know black is white, and forget that one has ever believed the contrary”.

Duckspeak: to speak without thinking, as in quacking like a duck.

Facecrime: to show any facial expression that Big Brother surveillance could interpret as having something to hide. This could be a look of anxiety or failing to react to official statements or alleged “victories” in the correct manner, including not cheering when a war was won.

Doublethink: the refusal or inability to see contradictions and to have two contradictory beliefs in your mind at the same time while believing them both to be true.

This comment by boy George Bush is an example: “See, we love – we love freedom. That's what they didn't understand. They hate things; we love things. They act out of hatred; we don't seek revenge, we seek justice out of love.”

This asks us to believe that love = mass murder of civilians.

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